March Website Update

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Well, weeelll, welllll

We have returned from our long journey and came back to the base!

Hello and welcome again, as we have some exciting updates. As you know, we have started uploading games to the new (well sorta new) layout, which makes adding games a lot easier for Chykara. Trust us, that taking this long hiatus was not planned and things almost destroyed any enthusiasm that we had left. It took a few years to pick ourselves back up and try again. We are happy to return and has brought tears in our eyes when we browse through our entire library of games that we have developed since 2007. While we were away, we learned some hard life lessons as well as understanding business. One thing that we have grasped was that our skills would not be taken away unless we give up. We will speak more on this later and I  want to keep things in a positive light. Thank you all for your patience and understanding and please tell others about our website and enjoy the games.  More updates coming soon so stay tuned

Key and Chy

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